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Karish Industries is a distributor whose primary focus is in the Street Lighting, Fire Alarm, and Fiber Optic Cable markets. Founded in 1993, Karish Industries has slowly but surely developed a strong, loyal customer base due to its product knowledge, timely delivery, fair pricing, and outstanding customer service. We work with customers all across the United States and have vendor relations in numerous product lines, enabling our customers to receive great service and pricing.

Welcome to 

Karish Industries

A Supplier of Copper/Aluminum Wire, 

Fiber Optic Cable, and other Electrical Parts

Karish Industries - Communication

Karish has a very extensive supply of single mode OSP cable as well as other fiber cables you need. Those that partner with Karish have seen prices, availability, and customer service that were large improvements over their previous vendor. Karish continually cares about the specially needs of its customers and will work with them from start to finish. We are not just order takers, but rather an extension of each and every customer that turns to us.


Karish Industries - Traffic

Karish Industries has emerged as a market leader in the Traffic Industry. Karish has a complete list of stocked cable from THW, CalTrans Cables, LA City, IMSA, Detector Loop Cable, Bare Copper, Telephone Cable, and many others available for immediate delivery or shipment. In addition, we also offer value-added services in bundling, striping and cutting of wire. Karish is held in high regard as a distributor with quick turnaround times in our quoting, same day delivery, and shipping of orders. One other service that sets us apart from the rest is that we take the time to locate the rare or hard to find cables.


Karish Industries - Core Concept

Karish Industries exists for the sole purpose of servicing our customers in a manner that creates lasting partnerships that together each company can be as profitable as possible.

Core Concept

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